The Skylands


The Land

A series of islands in the sky that float via a little understood working of magic, the Skylands are a marvel to behold. There are a total of 9 islands, but their exact locations change with the winds. They float high in the sky, ridig the on the backs of massive thunderstorm systems. It is easy to tell when a Skyland is above, for they block out the sun for days, bringing much rain. The primary difference between the skylands and the lands below is that there is no running water in the Skylands, all water being harvested from clouds. For the most part, the animals that live there all have wings, though there are a number of rodents that have adapted to the skys.

The People

The Skylands are home to the mysterious Daedelians, humans so infused with magic that they have grown wings made of light to let them soar on the clouds.


The history of the Daedelians tells of a time when they were human. Their particular kingdom had an apititude for magic that far exceeded others, and they experimented with raising their lands far into the sky away from the wars that plagued the lands around them. They succeeded in raising 13 such sky islands, and in doing so infused themselves with much of the magic they wielded, altering their forms to have gossamer glowing wings that let them sore aloft. They lived in harmony, occasionally trading and interacting with those of the lands below, but always on the move, least their floating nations cause too much havoc with those lands and war break out. Of the lands below, the Daedelians have more interaction with Calledone, since it is a magically inclined land. There used to be 13 islands, but around a century ago a Daedelian civil war broke out, in which 4 of the sky islands were drained of magic and crashed to the lands below with devastating effects. The husks of those islands now reside in the cursed lands. The cursed lands use to be a santuary for the birdmen Var, but after the islands came crashing down, the Var declared war on the Daedelians, and their normally peaceful life has now become one of surviving raiders and steering clear of hovering too long over Var lands. The last century has been one of increasing violence with the lands below, as more of the races have found ways into the skys.

The Skylands

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