The Gaint and Dwarven Wars

Giants are a proud race, and at one time they numbers were as vast as the many stars in the sky. But after centuries of conflict, they are a battle-weary nation. The main division amongst the giant race is that of lowland and highland born clans. There is still much hostility that causes a great number of giants not to trust one another. In a time before recollection the giants and dwarves lived and dwelled amongst the same mountain ranges, and shared hearty stories and heartier brews. Though it is unknown who cast the first slight, or who spilled the first drops of blood in anger, there was a great falling out between the giants and dwarves. Each called to their neighboring allies, the giants were aided by the humans, and the dwarves struck a brotherhood with the beastmen.

  • The giants of that time gathered together and told the dwarves that they were no longer welcome amongst the giant’s land. Some even went so far as to exclaim that if the dwarves were ever seen upon their land again that they would be wiped from the face of it. Giant legends give that as the reason why dwarves make their homes amongst the earth and hide in fear the combined wrath of the giants and humans. The giants also take solace in the fact that the earth the earth mother (one of two leading deities) can keep a close eye on them, to make sure they are not mounting another insipid attack.

  • Once their foes had been driven back, the armies were disbanded by a meeting of all of the clans, where the mightiest of warriors and most venerated generals met to discuss the fate of all giant kind. It was decided that they should elect a council, with a clanhead from each tribe serving as that clan’s representative, and that each clan should be equally represented regardless of size. This idea of a Giant Council was met with little opposition, but soon proved itself problematic, as they were always deadlocked in every vote 18 to 18 (divided by highland and lowland votes).

  • The Gaint and Dwarven Wars

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