The Dreamfevre Jungles, Home to the Trolls

Dreamfevre Jungle

The Land

The lands of the Dreamfevre Jungle run all along the southern border of the known world, as well as part of the south east. They border the area known as the cursed lands to the northeast as well as the human nation of Rillharen. They share extensive borders with the Orc tribes, whom they are on good relations with to the north and have a small bit of land bordering the ocean to the west. Primarily rainforest and jungle, the deep heart of lies in the furthest reaches on the jungle to the southeast. The Dreamfevre jungle has some of the most dangerous flora and fauna in the known world.

The Trolls

Similar to the Orcs, the trolls break themselves out into tribal groups. Each tribe follows a powerful totem animal that the tribe worships. There are tribes for nearly every animal in the jungles, but the most powerful are listed below.

Raptor Tribe

The Raptor tribe venerates the raptors, fierce swift reptillian predators. Moving on two legs, there is nothing in the jungles faster than they are. Hunting alone or in packs, they move in for the kill and eviscerate their prey with razor sharp claws on their hands and feet.

Venomspitter Tribe

The Venomspitter tribe venerates the venomspitters, large winged and feathered snakes that hunt the upper reaches of the jungles. Armed with a deadly neurotoxin venom that they spit into the eyes of their prey, they are the lords of the skies in the jungle canopies.

Razortooth Tribe

The Razortooth tribe venerates the razortooth, a creature that looks like the cross between a bear and jaguar. Heavily muscled, when enraged they have been known to knock down large trees with their strength.

Quillback Tribe

The Quillback tribe venerates the quillbacks, fierce and resilient boars the size of wagons. Violent in the extreme, quillbacks have rows upon rows of short quills along their thickly hided backs, and those that have hunted them will often find that when one is mortally wounded, it will do everything in its power to thrash the surrounding area to pieces to bring its attacker to the grave with it.

Mawlra Tribe

The Mawlra tribe venerates the Mawlra, an aquatic reptile that is an ambush predator. Found primarily along the coast and the salt marshes along the western part of the lands, Mawlra can grow to enormous lengths and can easily crush a full grown troll with a single snap of its jaws.

The Dreamfevre Jungles, Home to the Trolls

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