Rillharen, Seat of the Sun


The Land

Rillharen is a human nation steeped in the worship of the Sun God. They share a friendly border with the elves to the north but are otherwie surrounded my dangerous lands with the cursed lands to the east, and the orcs and trolls to the south. To the west they border a nation of dwarves, and even have a small border with the human nation of Fairelen. Primarily valleys and forest, Rillharen also controls a small mountain range that was home to dwarves in the distant past.

The Helios King rules from the Dragon Throne in the capital city of Helion, situatied almost directly in the center of Rillharen. There are numerous trade cities all through the mountain passes that seperate the northen and southern parts of Rillharen, and abundant farm communities in the hills and vales. The southern border with the trolls and orcs is heavily patrolled and manned by large garrisons, as is the border with Fairelen.

The People

Ruled by the Helios King and the High Priest of the Sun, the nation of Rillharen is a religious nation at the edge of total zealotry. The people of Rillharen tend to be very patriotic in their views, seeing the nation of Fairelen as abunch of invaders, and the orcs and trolls as mindless savages.

The Sunwalkers
The Sunwalkers are the priesthoods militant arm, filled with battle priests and paladins. Ultimately ruled by the High Priest, they assist the more mundane army as an elite troupe or healer warriors, and numerous times Rillharen’s army has been in the midst of falling back to be bolstered by there hol warriors and rally to victory.

The Sun Kissed
The Sun Kissed are those mages and wizards that serve in the Rillharen military after their training is completed at Calledone. About half of all the mages found in Rillharen eventually return to serve their country. Calledone allows this without issue so long as Rillharen does not raise arms against them, and this pact has woked so far.

Rillharen, Seat of the Sun

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