Revegar, the Orc Lands


The Land

The land of Revegar belongs to the constantly warring Orc clans. The lands of Revegar are in the southern part of the continent, with troll lands to the south and east. To the northeast they border mountains that belong to the dwarves, as well as the lands of the human nation of Rillharen. To the north is Trader’s Bay, and to the west is the Ocean. The sheer size of the nation rivals that of distant Var, but the clans are constantly fighting one another and so to think of it as a united nation is folly. Revegar holds a very diverse area with mountains, plains, hills, temperate forest, some jungle at the borders of troll lands, and even a small bit of desert.

The Clans

There are many clans of Orcs, but among them are 6 clans that stand above the rest, leading vast numbers of warriors and covering large areas of land. These are listed below.

The Bloodthirsters

The Bloodthirsters live in the plains to the northeast. Their skin tones tend to be a deep sea geen, and they routinely paint their faces and body with red pigments. They tend to be one of the more savage and deadly clans, drenching their weapons, armor, and clothing in the blood of their enemies. Tales of orc savagery tend to be tales of the bloodthirsters, and they constantly raid neighboring territories. Thy worship the element of water above others, as both the blood of the earth and due to their natural border with the sea to the north.

The Peakbreakers

The Peakbreakers live along a mountain range that cuts through the western part of Revegar. Their skins tones tend to be gray-green to brown. Their weapon of choice is the javelin as they enjoy the high ground against any all who would enter their territory. The spirits of the earth are the most prominent elements worshiped by the Peakbeakers.

The Feverscale

The Feverscale live in the deserts to the northwest. They tend to have pale green to a light tan colored skin tones, and live clustered around the many oasises in the desert and along the edges. They tend to worship the element of fire more than others.

The Flamereavers

The Flamereavers live in the hills and mountains surrounded an active volcano. Their skin tones tend to be from dark reds to black. The flamereaver peak has been erupting in a slow deluge for centuries, and the flamereavers tend to act very similar to that in their tactics. Slow and purposeful, they will apply slow but steady pressure to defenses until they are broken. Fire and earth are the elements they worship higher than others.

The Oakstalkers

The Oakstalkers live in the forests to the east. Their skins tones tend to mirror tose of the their forests, greens and browns. Their tribal cities are built high in the canopies. They worship the element of air more than other elements.

The Ghostwalkers

The Ghostwalkers live in the jungles to the south, and have the best relationships with the trolls. Their skin tends to be a paler green than other orcs, almost blue on some of them. They are rarely seen without their ceremonial white face paint, and tend to worship animal spirits similar to the trolls rather then the elements like other orcs. To outsiders, they are eerily silent and ever present, as they seem to effortlessly stalk down those they consider prey.

Revegar, the Orc Lands

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