Giant Creation Myth

The God’s of the Giant pantheon are:

The Creator (aka. The All Father, The Forgeman in the Sky, or the Shaper of Origin)
The Keeper (aka. The Earth Mother, The Dark Mistress, or The Keeper of the Dead)

  • Also she is the wife of the Creator.
    Origin (The light son of the Creator and Keeper, who sits in the sky halls to watch over the world of light.)
    Chimera (The dark son of the Creator and Keeper, who creeps in darkness of the underworld where he toils to destroy the boundary to the world of light.)
    The Giant’s Creation Story

    In the beginning before time began, it was dark and quiet. The first sound to break the impenetrable silence was made by the hammer of the Creator as he struck the anvil and brought the world into light. He created the oceans and rivers, the mountains and valleys, and as his hammer sent the sparks of creation out into the world they shone with a brilliant light and created the stars above. And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…

  • As he watched the wind blew, the earth turned, and the trees grew, but he could see that his job was not finished. So he set to work shaping all the creatures of the world, and in doing so struck an eternal balance to last for all time between nature and the world. He created Time and the Seasons, and unto the world he delivered these many boons, and the earth swelled, and the skies filled, and time began.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    Soon the Crafter realized that something was missing. The earth was whole and full of life, but he longed for companionship. So he gathered his tools and toiled through the rest of that day and on into the night. As the new day broke he had crafted a reflection of himself. In her he bestowed his hopes and desires, in her he perfected his own craft. And from this union sprang forth love abundant.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    As the two ruled over their domain together, their love grew tenfold. This was a time of peace and tranquility. Just to amuse her, The Crafter would shape gifts in the form of amazing creatures, such as colorful birds. And in turn she would whisper stories in his ear of great heroes and wondrous places. He was so moved by them that many of the creatures she dreamt came to life upon his forge.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    One day the Crafter’s wife asked to shape a form of her very own, and the Crafter could hardly deny her. So with his guidance she bore them offspring from her own flesh. She tightly grasped them to her bosom in the warmest embrace. Then she kissed their foreheads and named them Origin and Chimera. The Creator silently watched mother and sons in tender embrace.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    As the boys grew they became very different. Origin took after his father, and his eye and hand for shaping were akin to his father’s. Chimera found crafting tedious and too predictable, preferring his mother’s stories about wondrous beasts and vast mountains and desert landscapes. The two brothers were constantly in competition to decide which one was smarter and stronger, so the Crafter devised challenges to test and teach his children.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    Chimera and Origin became more curious about the world below as they grew older, and their fascination with their father’s Masterwork rekindled their father’s love of crafting within them. Origin set to work, helping his father on a one of his grandest crafts, the creation of the races of men. Chimera even took to the anvil, inspired by his mother’s stories he crafted chimerical creatures. These beings were born of different parts of animals and men, as if they walked out of dreams.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    Their mother encouraged the boys to play together and tried to foster a love between them, but that seed never truly took hold. Theirs was a brotherhood born of trial and contention. The one interest the two shared was that of their fascination with the world below. For all the hours the two spent chasing and bickering with one another they could often be found sitting quietly gazing down at the world. So the Crafter shaped a looking lens for the two boys to share, so that they could gaze uninhibited upon his many crafts.

  • And when it was done he sat back and admired its craft and set the forges fires to cool…
    So Origin and Chimera fought over the lens, and in their struggle it cracked and fell to the earth. Seeing this the Creator was greatly angered, and for their transgressions he cast them down amongst the world of man to recover the pieces.

  • In time each found a half of the lens, but they refused to share with the other, and went their own separate ways. Meantime the Creator’s wife wept for her sons, and in doing so the rains were born upon the world. The two grew and prospered and spent years becoming men and procreating within the world as the children of gods.

  • Origin was a great hero, his bravery and cunning were of such renown, and he known for his justness and his honor. For never walked a being so virtuous as Origin, and even nature itself bore him as an equal. Amongst his journeys and trails he mated with many of the race of man and from this union giants were born unto the world. As Chimera spent his time amongst the half-ways and in-betweens he formed unions of mixed birthing, beings such as beastmen, hipocampi, owlbears, and the like. He himself was a master of shadows deceptions and dreams, and many of his enemies dubbed him the Dream walker. For he entered the unwitting dreams/nightmares of men and women as easily as some would draw breath.

  • What started as childhood competition ended in bitter rivalry the day their desires crossed paths in the shape of a human woman, the most beautiful the Crafter had ever created. Both men hoped to woo her, but in the end she came to fear Chimera for his dark and twisted nature( as he had tried to influence her mind as she slept, and she saw him for the monster that he was), and fell in love with Origin for he was born of a true and pure heart, that for which she always longed (and that which the Creator had crafter her to wait for).

  • The legions of Chimeras minions setup upon the strongholds and bastions of Origin until the world was nearly ripped asunder. Dark and light collided in many battles, finally ending with as the two faced one another on the field. But as Origin gazed into his brothers eyes and saw his own reflection he realized the truth of his own creation. So lay his sword at his feet and opened his arms to embrace his brother. Chimera took this opportunity to slide a poisoned blade deep into his brother’s heart. At this Origin recoiled and fell down upon the bloody soil, and a stunned Chimera wiped blood from his own chest.

  • For what Origin had realized was that the two were inexplicably linked as the reflections of one another, and if one brother were to strike the other down that they would in doing so cause their own demise as well. As Chimera reeled and took his final breaths he watched as the Valkyries gathered over his fallen brother and raised him up to the sky halls once again, so that he would never set foot in the underworld. As he gasped and choked he looked to the sky but no Valkyries came to him, so he cursed his father and his brother and swore upon them the darkest of vows. He swore that he would someday shatter the tranquility of the sky halls and bring father and son to their knees before him.

  • And even as he spat his venoms below the Crafter’s wife took pity on him. For she had been barren and empty since her two sons had passed beyond her grasp, and she her husband to let her go to him. She promised to don the mantle of the Keeper of the dead, so that she could gather all of those who had fallen that Creator did not call back to him live amongst the sky halls. She would spend eternity away from him, but in doing so their love would last eternally. And so she descended and was chained to the very core of the earth. From there she would watch after the fallen crafts of the Creator in the underworld.

  • But when Chimera got there he setup upon those that were twisted like him, for their bodies were the brick and their and souls the morter to build a bridge between the underworld and sky halls. And it is said that if the lands were ever to touch again that final days would be upon us all, and that those who have been rescued by the valkeries and have not died would defend themselves from the onslaught of Chimera’s Twisted Legions.

  • For those who are evil in life are to be twisted and shaped by Chimera and used for the purpose of fulfilling his wrathful vows. And those who die gloriously in battle, the best of all giantkind are to be raised up to the Sky Halls, for it was that fallen comrade cannot be found rejoice my brother for now drinks amongst the clouds.

Giant Creation Myth

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