Vadoma's Prophetic Note #2

Bound Note from his aunt


The note from Vadoma reads:

“Dearest Drefan,

Where to begin, my dearest nephew? You and Darksun will face many trials ahead. You will travel far from home. Darksun will have need of your friendship and guidance, on this dangerous trip. No matter how dire the circumstances, I know that the two of you can overcome, where one would fail. No matter which path you choose to walk, your parents will be proud. So hold your head high and fear not the unknown. Your cousin will need your help and support more than he realizes. Worlds will collide, the dead will reap the living and our land will be forever changed. I know that you, your cousin, and the others chosen by the heavens can stand against this. Watch eachothers backs and triumph.


-At the bottom of the letter is the seal of the Dawn’s Watch mercenary group


A similar note was aslo left for my cousin DarkSun. He will have to fill you in on the details there.

Vadoma's Prophetic Note #2

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