The Tempest's Warforge

Giant Forgeman's Hammer/Metal smithing tool

weapon (melee)

ITEM OF POWER (The Tempest’s War-Forge): [3 to 1 refresh]

  • This giant Smithing hammer has the following statitistics:
  • Length: 5’ long
  • Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Weapon Rating: 5 (dmg)
  • Tech Level: 2
  • Reach: 0
  • Cost: 2
  • Aspects:
    Unbreakable: As an Item of Power, it cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose. The strength of the hammer is such that it simply refuse to be fractured or broken.

  • Large: These weapons are awkward and heavy. While they offer substantial
    damage potential, they are cumbersome. Typically this Aspect is compelled by others
    to get an initiative advantage against you, or it can be compelled when you try to
    hide such weapons. This Aspect could also be compelled any time you use a weapon
    this big with one hand.

  • Giant:These weapons are massive in size, are very heavy, and next to
    impossible to hide. They deal tremendous damage, but do not work well for precision
    work. You might invoke this Aspect for intimidation, or it may be compelled when
    trying to avoid collateral damage when fighting in close quarters or striking at targets
    very close to you. This Aspect can also be compelled by others to give them an
    advantage in initiative or to force a penalty any time a weapon this big is used with
    one hand.

  • Catch: +2 refresh; Externalized Nature- when any ability is activated the hammer glows a blue-ish white hue and small arcs of lightening begin leaping about it creating cracks and pops and hisses. This characteristic makes the hammer dificult to hold for anyone other than the smith or anyone assisting him.
    1. The Right Tool for the Job This hammer stores an entire master forgeman’s shop (metalwork) At will it can become any tool in a master forgeman’s shop. Functioning as a lab with the base rating of the forgeman’s crafting skill (currently +5). [cost: 1 refresh]
    3. Ancestral Echoes Whether creating new items from scratch or repairing items back to working condition, the forgemaster is surrounded by echoing voices of his ancestors, beckoning his attention to different aspects of his craft. Though they are not always kind about the advice they voice, each forgeman having spent so much time inside the forge leaves an imprint of his knowledge and power within it’s walls. These ancestral echoes aid the forgeman in his endeavors, and endow him with unmatched crafting speed (ie. crafting a new item or repairing a broken one are reduced by 2 time incriments each). [cost: 2 refresh]

The forging of the The Tempest’s Warforge:

  • The Master’s Hammer:
    Long ago when the crafter cooled the forge fires he rested and let his hammer slide from atop The Anvil of Creation. It slid to the floor of The Great Skyforge with a great crash, casting the first lightning bolts across the lands below. The hammer struck so hard that a piece of it flaked off and fell from the heavens, where it was reclaimed by several Giants.

  • One was a Hunter (Forest Giant), one was a Farmer (Stone Giant), and the other was a Crafter (Storm Giant). The hunter tried to drop it from a high cliff, that only he could climb, in order to break it apart into more useable pieces. But this did not work, for it split the earth below, and dug the basin for the Grapusadin River(one of the largest run-off rivers amongst the mountains of the giants, that leads to the Forest Giant lands).

  • Next the farmer took some of the river water and tried to plant the hammer as a seed in the earth, burried deep in a great mound of earth, and it was this act that only served to harden the earth, and the stone that grew around the hammer was fortified by its existance (Creating the Great craggy mountain of the Stone giants).

  • But after this failed the Crafter lifted the piece from the earth and turned it over in his hands, and in the presence of the Crafters finest work he felt unworthy of commanding it. For he realized in that instant that he could never bend it to his will. So he devised a plan, and using his copper walking stick he tricked a lightning bolt into dancing uppon it’s end, and thus re-awakened the shard using the power of the Skylands from which it was forged. This crafter worked and shaped and toiled over its form under the crashing lightning and thunder above, for at each strike it lost it’s resistance to him. For when he was done he held high a large hammer.

  • The Creator saw this and was pleased. So in return for his display of skill the Crafter made a deal with the master crafter. He told the giant that he would allow him to craft 6 more great crafts, before his life was over. Of those 6 crafts, the seventh being the hammer. The other six crafts the Crafter forged were pieces of his forge, the forge itself, the bellows, a quench tank, the great anvil, a master set of tools, and a great set of tongs. It was a forge that was rivaled by none other amongst the lands, and inside it the secrects of the crafter were kept. But when his 7th craft was complete, so too was his life. Upon his last breath lightning struck his hammer, and his forged and all his great works vanished. Many thought it had been called by to the Skylands by the Creator, or Origin.

  • For many eons the lands rose and fell, and the hammer passed on from father to son, and each one that touched it drew the strength of the Creator from it, and all were master forgemen, but none like their ancestor could master the secrets of the hammer. The hammer eventually passed into the holdings of a great warlord, “The Tempest”, who had taken the hammer after sacking the town where the crafters heir resided. The Warlord’s men burned down his forge, but in the center of the wreckage shone the hammer, cracking and popping and shining with a brilliant light. This caught the eye of the Warlord, “The Tempest”, and he strode forth through the flames and clutched the hammer, that was cool to the touch.

  • The Tempest was a giant of incredible renown during the early giant wars. Although he never became a clan elder, it was thought by many that he was not favored by the Creator for his wanton distruction of so many of his works. But thinking his luck had changed the Tempest took this hammer into battle with him, and used it to drive back his enemies. It became his weapon of choice, and it was feared by many giants, for it was his favorite method of undoing. But one stormy day as the battle raged on The Tempest rose high the hammer to strike down his rival, lightning struck it in his hand. The whole field shone in a brilliant light, and a cascade went out from it that struck every man on the field dead, except The Tempest.

  • This re-awakening stirred a comprehension in The Tempest, and he walked to a high mountain top to awaken the forge. Through force of well he called it forth from the hammer, and the chains reached out to the four corners and rose high as the walls of the forge. Some say that The Tempest spent years in the forge perfecting his craft. It is told that when he strode forth from the forge for the first time after that day that he was such a changed man that no one even recognized him. For his hair and beard were long and the soot had permanantly turned his blond hair black. His holdings destroyed, and his army leveled he was forced to fall into the employ of another Warlord, serving as a simple smithy, and none knew who he was.

  • For his skill, and ability to produce a forge from seemingly nowhere, he quickly rose to the post of Master Forgeman, and was well reputed for his speed and skill. He eventually grew old and retired to the Mountains that were his former holdings, took a wife and the hammer passed anew to his son, but with it this time went the knowledge of it’s power, and again the line of crafters stretched on, until one day my Grandfather Zed recieved it from his Father who was a master forgeman. He had hoped to give it to either of his sons, but neither took to the craft. This is likely what drove Grandpa to drink the way he does. It was away to hide the shame that his line had born him. But, when Darksun showed promise he was so eager to pass on his knowledge that he too broke from tradition and passed The Tempest’s Warforge on to his grandson when he was only 16 years old.

  • With the tutelidge of his grandfather and the whispers of the forge Darksun quickly rose to meet his full potential and became the youngest Grand Master Forgeman of the Nimbus Clan.

  • Note:For The Tempest’s Warforge to change hands the hammer requires a sacrafice of blood. Usually it was the blood of the father once he has passed. It also requires a bit of the blood of the new Keeper of the Warforge, and in this mixture it binds itself to its new master. No one not bound to the Tempest’s Warforge can compell the abilities of the hammer unless under direct order from the forge’s master.

  • The Tempest's Warforge

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