Vadoma's Prophetic Note #1

Bound Note from his mother


The note from Vadoma reads:

“Dearest Darksun,

If you are reading this, then my vision has come to pass, and you too have had a vision of the future. Trust your vision, my son, for my own have led me down dangerous and ultimately untimely roads, but they were for the better of all. My last vision showed me the death of a prophet and the death of a tyrant, and the eventual birth of a new prophet. You. You will not like what you find at the end of your next road, but you must see it. And then you must leave. Your journey will be long and dark, but if you can stay the course. You will make new enemies, but old enemies can become friends. You must prevent the star’s demise. Your first trip is to Solveg’s holdings, and then you must make for the cursed lands to the south east. When you encounter the nearest army, tell them you belong to the Dawn’s Watch mercenary group, and present this letter to the leader. My heart goes with you my son.


-At the bottom of the letter is the seal of the Dawn’s Watch mercenary group


When I (Darksun the Stoutheart) was 15 years old my father was killed by Marahk Din the Black, the former Clanhead of the Nimbus clan. He killed my father in the jalah match that would decide the leadership of the clan. It was a late and dirty blow that he placed using weather worn wooden spikes protruding from a spalder that he sunk through my father’s chest. He would have probably been lynched by the rest of the jalah team, if not the entire clan, except that the day after the match he went missing and has never been heard from or seen again. It was speculated that my mother had something to do with it, as she too showed up missing the same day. Vadoma(my Mother) left a note for me in the care of my uncle, Kerrun the Firm, instructing him to hold it in his confidence until I had a vision of two stars crashing from the sky. Even though I tried many times to appeal to my uncle, in an effort to recieve my prize. The first time I even tried to grab the note and read it was after winning a very influencial match just after I had come of age, and I recieved a backhand from my uncle; the one and only time I ever touched the note, until now…

A similar note was aslo left for my cousin Drefan. He will have to fill you in on the details there.

Vadoma's Prophetic Note #1

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