Kal'Del Ristjin


Kal’Del is a young Fairelenian farm boy. As the eldest of his sibling Kal’Del grew up helping his father work the fields and taking care of the animals. Though he wasn’t large for his age Kal’Del was gifted with incredible strength and by the age of thirteen was plowing his father’s fields without the aid of oxen.

Kal’Del stands at five feet 10 inches tall, and weighs in at 196 pounds. He has short sandy brown hair and his skin has been tanned from working long hours under the sun. On his back he bares the sign of the bull god, Ox Gaul, in the form of a birthmark. It is because of this mark that he, and others believe his extraordinary strength is a sign of favor by Ox Gaul.


4 Might
4 Survival

3 Discipline
3 Endurance
3 Fists

2 Athletics
2 Weapons
2 Craftsmanship (Metalsmith)
2 Conviction

1 Contacts
1 Empathy
1 Ride
1 Scholarship
1 Alertness

A S P E C T S:
High Concept: Homesick Mercenary Hero

  1. Trouble: I am the Bull God’s Fury
  2. Aspect 1: Heir to the Might of Ox Gaul
  3. Aspect 2: My Life for My “Family”
  4. Aspect 3: Bearer of the Conquering Fists
  5. Aspect 4: Dwarven Blood Brother
  6. Aspect 5: Vartan, My Rival, My Enemy

R E F R E S H:

  • Mighty Thews: [-1 refresh]
  • Martial Artist: [-1 refresh]
  • Supernatural Might: [-4 refresh]
    Description: You have supernatural might — you’re able to lift and break things you shouldn’t be able to. Cannot be taken with other Strength Powers.
    Skills Affected: Might, other physical skills.
    Superior Lifting. Whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things, you gain a +10 to your Might score.
    Bludgeoning Strength. Roll Might at +2 whenever using that skill in conjunction with grappling (see page 211). This also allows you to inflict a 3-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple.
    Superlative Strength. Whenever using your Might to modify (page 214) another skill, it always provides a +2 regardless of the actual comparison of your Might score to the skill in question.
  • Inhuman Toughness: [-2 refresh]
    Catch: +0 refresh discount; Weapons forged in my own blood.
  • Human Form: [+1 refresh]
  • Involuntary Change: [+1 refresh]
  • Berserker: [-1 refresh]
    Description: You can enter a berserk rage, drawing strength from the fury within you.
    Musts: You must have an aspect indicating your character’s anger, such as “You Wouldn’t like Me When I’m Angry”. The GM is going to be compelling this aspect.
    Skills Affected: Many.
    Berserk Fury. As a supplemental action, you may enter a berserk rage. During this rage, you gain the Berserking persistent aspect. You need not spend a fate point to invoke this aspect, but you do not gain a fate point when this aspect is compelled. You must still spend a fate point to invoke this aspect for effect, and you must still spend one to buy out of any compel to this aspect.
    The GM may ask you to make a Discipline roll at a base difficulty of Fair (2) to avoid entering this state, or he may compel your anger aspect to forgo the roll. During your berserk fury, he may compel your Berserking aspect to make you fail certain rolls, or act in ways you might otherwise not wish to (such as attacking your teammates). The Berserking aspect lasts for the rest of the scene, but may be ended early with a successful Discipline roll at a base difficulty of Good (3). Attempting to end the berserk state prematurely is a supplemental action.
  • Supernatural Recovery: [-2 refresh]
    Catch: +2 refresh discount; only have access to “Unfaltering” and “It’s nothing”.
    Catch: +0 refresh discount; Weapons forged in my own blood.





Kal'Del Ristjin

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