Knight Drefan

Half Storm Giant Healer/Scholar


Knight Drefan

  • Knight Drefan is a half-storm giant healer/scholar with blond shoulder-length hair.
    He has light violet almost lavender colored eyes.
    He stands at 10 foot tall, and weighs in at 450 lbs.

  • S K I L L S:

    4 Scholarship
    4 Weapons
    4 Athletics (+ 1 to cover distance)

  • GOOD
    3 Endurance
    3 Conviction
    3 Might (+ 8 to lift/break)

  • FAIR
    2 Lore
    2 Alertness
    2 Presence

    1 Investigation
    1 Contacts
    1 Empathy

  • ==================
  • A R M O R / H E A L T H :

  • Physical(Endurance):
  • O O O O O O [ O O O O ]
  • Armor 2 [bypassed by storm weathered wood]
  • Mental(Conviction):
  • O O O O
  • Social(Presence):
  • O O O
  • Orginic Armor(Scale Mail):
  • O O O O O
  • Armor 3
  • Notes: Has the aspect Bulky and Giant
  • Shield (Heavy Shield):
  • No Health - Armor +3(offers +1 AR when not doing all-out defense)
  • Notes: Has the aspect Large and Giant
  • ==================

  • W E A P O N S / D M G :

    Orginic War Hammer:
    DMG: + 5(weapon) + 4(strength) = 9 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Large and Giant

  • Orginic Emblazoned Kite Shield:
    DMG: + 4(weapon) + 4(strength) = 8 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Large and Giant

  • Jalah Glove/Regular Brock:
    DMG: + 4(weapon) + 4(strength) = 8 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Large and Giant

  • Dagger:
    DMG: + 3(weapon) + 4(strength) = 7 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Giant

  • Gauntlet Punch:
    DMG: + 1(weapon) + 4(strength) = 5 total

  • Bare Knuckle Punch:
    DMG: + 0(weapon) + 4(strength) = 4 total

  • ==================

    A S P E C T S:

    HIGH CONCEPT: Originic Knight of the Fourth Circle
  • TROUBLE:Reluctant Heir to the Nimbus Clan
  • ASPECT 1: Storm Giant Athlete Prodigy
  • ASPECT 2: Knowledge is Power
  • ASPECT 3: Guardian of the Tome of the Devout
  • ASPECT 4: Every day is a Festival
  • ASPECT 5: Plagued by the Past
  • ==================

    R E F R E S H:


  • SUPER NATURAL STRENGTH:[4 to 3 Refresh]


  • Catch: +2 for being bypassed by a tree struck with lightning that still lives

  • ITEM OF POWER (The Hold of Origin):[-3 to -1]

  • Catch: +2 refresh; Externalized Nature – The large size of the backpack makes it an oddity itself. Even stranger when the items can be pulled out from seemingly nowhere, also can be made from a back pack into a large field hospital tent.


  • 1. Gloves that can draw out foreign objects. When used within the tent they are sterile and do not pass on infection. (COST: 1 refresh)

  • 2. Full hospital in the backpack, includes all the gear needed to care for someone. Self replenishes the goods used.(COST: 1 refresh)

  • 3. Hospital tent, creates a sterile environment for proper care to a patient. The backpack can be wrapped around a patient and is a stretcher for them to be in a healing environment and be carried.
    (COST: 1 refresh)

  • Doctor (MS): [-1]
  • Bio:
  • Mother:
    Healer or Origin before her husband became the Clanhead, when she was forced to disavow herself from the Brotherhood to stay with him.

  • Father:
    Clan Nimbus Head. Won this position when he bested the previous Clanhead in Ja’la Dh Jin. This same match meant the death of his brother, since his passing he has lost some of his love for life and in the same hand the game.

  • Grandfather:
    Male Storm Giant grandmaster smith.

  • Cousin:
    Male Half Storm Giant Smith

  • Knight Drefan

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