DarkSun the Stoutheart

Half Storm Giant Blacksmith


DarkSun the Stoutheart

A half-storm giant blacksmith with dark black hair and dark blue undertones.
He has almond colored eyes with dark grey flecks
He stands an imposing 10 foot tall, and wieghs in at 500 lbs.


  • S K I L L S:

    30 available/30 spent
    5 Craftsmanship
    (metal smithing)

    4 Might ( + 8 to lift/break)
    4 Athletics ( + 1 to cover ground)

  • GOOD
    3 Endurance
    3 Alertness

  • FAIR
    2 Fists
    2 Performance
    2 Discipline

    1 Scholarship
    1 Rapport
    1 Presence
    1 Conviction
    1 Survival


  • A R M O R / H E A L T H :

  • Physical(Endurance):
  • O O O O O O [ O O O O ]
  • Armor 2 [bypassed by storm weathered wood]
  • Mental(Conviction):
  • O O O
  • Social(Presence):
  • O O O
  • Armor(Scale Mail):
  • O O O O O
  • Armor 3
  • Notes: Has the aspect Bulky and Giant
  • Shield (Tower Shield):
  • No Health - Armor +4(offers +2 AR when not doing all-out defense)
  • Notes: Has the aspect Huge and Giant
  • ==================

  • W E A P O N S / D M G :

    Tempest’s Hammer:
    DMG: + 5(weapon) + 4(strength) = 9 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Large and Giant

  • Jalah Glove/Regular Brock:
    DMG: + 4(weapon) + 4(strength) = 8 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Large and Giant

  • Tower Shield:
    DMG: + 3(weapon) + 4(strength) = 7 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Huge and Giant

  • Dagger:
    DMG: + 3(weapon) + 4(strength) = 7 total
    Notes: Has the aspect Giant

  • Gauntlet Punch:
    DMG: + 1(weapon) + 4(strength) = 5 total

  • Bare Knuckle Punch:
    DMG: + 0(weapon) + 4(strength) = 4 total

  • ==================

    A S P E C T S:

    High Concept: Half Storm Giant Battle Smith Prodigy
  • Trouble: Defender with a Heart of Gold
  • Aspect 1: Meticulous Mind of the Crafter
  • Aspect 2: Quenched In Gypsy Blood
  • Aspect 3: Every Day is a Festival
  • Aspect 4: My Father’s Legacy
  • Aspect 5: Keeper of the Tempest‘s War-Forge (Item of power)
  • ==================

  • R E F R E S H:

    10 Base Refresh Level/1 Adjusted Refresh
    SUPER NATURAL STRENGTH: [ 4 refresh]
    Description: You have supernatural strength you’re able to lift and break things you shouldn’t be able to, and people who get in your way tend to be very, very sorry.
    Musts: Supernatural Strength replaces Inhuman Strength if taken.
    Skills Affected: Might, other physical skills.
    1. Superior Lifting: Whenever lifting or breaking inanimate things, you gain a +6 to your Might score.
    2. Bludgeoning Strength: Roll Might at +2 whenever using that skill in conjunction with grappling (see page 211). This also allows you to inflict a 3-stress hit on an opponent as a supplemental action during a grapple.
    3. Superlative Strength: Whenever using your Might to modify (page 214) another skill, it always provides a +2 regardless of the actual comparison of your Might score to the skill in question.
    4. Lethal Blows: With attacks that depend on muscular force (Fists, thrown Weapons, etc.), you are at +4 to damage, increasing the stress dealt by four on a successful hit. Be careful; it’s casually easy to kill someone with a simple punch at this level.

  • HULKING SIZE: [2 refresh]
    Description: You’re very large, or able to become very large at will if you’re a shapeshifter—at the very largest, as tall as a house.
    Note: This ability is always in effect unless you can shapeshift.
    Skills Affected: Fists, Weapons, Stealth, others.
    1. Easy to Hit, Hard to Hurt: You’re a pretty big target, giving any attacker a +1 to hit you when target size is a factor. But that increase in body mass means you can soak up more punishment, adding two boxes to the length of your physical stress track.
    2. Everything is Small: You cannot meaningfully interact with any man-sized objects using skills like Burglary and Craftsmanship (but knowledge-related rolls are unaffected), and you’ll have trouble fitting through normal doorways and into rooms (this will confer an automatic border value of 1 when changing zones as appropriate). But it also means you get a +2 to your Might rolls to lift or break things—on top of any supernatural Strength bonuses you might have—and a +1 on Athletics rolls to cover distance with your gigantic stride.
    3. Big is Scary: You get +2 on any Intimidation attempt against a target likely to consider your size an advantage.
    4. Easy to Detect: Your Stealth is automatically considered to be Mediocre, and you may never gain more than one shift on a Stealth roll.

  • SUPERNATURAL TOUGHNESS: [4 to 1 refresh]
    Catch: +3 refresh discount; Storm Struck Wood weakness
    Description: Your body can take punishments that would easily kill a normal man.
    Musts: This ability replaces Inhuman Toughness. You must attach this power to a Catch (see page 185).
    Skills Affected: Endurance, other physical skills.
    1. Harder to Hurt: You naturally have Armor:2 against all physical stress.
    2. Harder to Kill: You have four additional boxes of physical stress capacity (page 201).

  • One With Steel: [1 refresh]
    Sub crafting for weapons; for any weapon I craft or maintain. The more exotic the make or materials the longer it will take to attune to that weapon.

  • ITEM OF POWER (The Tempest’s War-Forge): [3 to 1 refresh]
    Catch: +2 refresh; Externalized Nature- when any ability is activated the hammer glows a blue-ish white hue and small arcs of lightening begin leaping about it creating cracks and pops and hisses. This characteristic makes the hammer dificult to hold for anyone other than the smith or anyone assisting him.
    1. The Right Tool for the Job This hammer stores an entire master forgeman’s shop (metalwork) At will it can become any tool in a master forgeman’s shop. Functioning as a lab with the base rating of the forgeman’s crafting skill (currently +5). [cost: 1 refresh]
    3. Ancestral Echoes Whether creating new items from scratch or repairing items back to working condition, the forgemaster is surrounded by echoing voices of his ancestors, beckoning his attention to different aspects of his craft. Though they are not always kind about the advice they voice, each forgeman having spent so much time inside the forge leaves an imprint of his knowledge and power within it’s walls. These ancestral echoes aid the forgeman in his endeavors, and endow him with unmatched crafting speed (ie. crafting a new item or repairing a broken one are reduced by 2 time incriments each). [cost: 2 refresh]

  • Bio:


  • Darksun the Stouthearted
    My name is darksun the stouthearted. I am a blacksmith and wingman jalah player. After the death of my father I went to live with my grandfather Zed. I am living in the footsteps of a rather amazing man, and often people tell me how much I remind them of my father in terms of both looks and attitude.

  • Knight Drefin
    My cousin’s name is knight drefin. He is a gifted scholar and healer, like his mother. He is also the pointman for our jalah team. The two of us grew up like brothers, and because we communicate so well, we sometimes frustrate others around us, because we slip in and out of our own private conversations. There have been a few people that thought they could come in between us, but no one has been able to make a scratch. If there is anyone I trust in the world, it is him, and he, I.

  • Zedicus the Hammer
    My grandfather’s name is Zedicus the Hammer. He will smack anyone who calls him Zedicus, instead he tells them to call him “Zed”. He is a crotchety old man that took me in when I was young and needed a place to stay. He is pretty particular about two things, smithing and food.Zed is renown amongst giant society as a master smith, having trained with a good number of human and other smith’s during his lifetime. He and I are some of the few giant smiths entrusted by the Brotherhood of Origin to work star metal into weapons, armor, and holy symbols.

  • Cerine the Stern
    My grandmother’s name was Cerine the Stern, she was a home-maker and awesome cook. She kept the entire family happy and well-fed. Though under her tight watch there was not much room for nonsense. There were more than a few friends of Granpa’s that were physically afraid of her.

  • Ivarius the Large
    My father’s name was Ivarius the Large and he was a bit of a minor blacksmith/mercenary. He was a very talented jalah player (almost as good as his brother), and excellent defender. It was said that he fought as ferociously as any jalah player ever had, and he led the Storm giant league in blocks and assists. Though he did not always see eye to eye with tradition, he did right by his wife and his family and made sure we always had everything we needed.
    He died tragically when I was young (in a jalah match). He was killed by Arle Marahk Din, the former Nimbus Clanhead.

  • Vadoma
    My mother’s name is Vadoma and she is a seer. She is blessed with the gift of vision, and the day after my father died she disappeared, and left my cousin and I matching notes from her that I was not to open until I was older. She begged my father not to go to the jalah match where he lost his life, but he went against her word. She even tried to warn his brother (my uncle) but he told her that he didn’t believe her. She had an uncanny knack for knowing what was going to happen before it actually did, and there were times that she grounded me before I was even able to commit the offense. When I said that was unfair she simply said that I was in trouble for just thinking about doing something wrong.

  • Kerrun the Firm
    My uncle’s name is Kerrun the Firm and he was my father’s younger brother, and now he’s the head of Clan Nimbus. His clanhead title is Arle Kerrun the Firm.

  • Annalina the Kind
    My aunt is Annalina the Kind wife to Kerrun. In her service of the Brotherhood of origin she attained the rank of fifth circle, or Champion. She served faithfully as a very kind hearted healer and brought comfort to those that were under her care.

  • G’mel the Pungent
    My uncle’s name is Gmel the Pungent and he is my father’s youngest brother. He has a penchant for the vices. Though he is recognized in the family, he is rarely talked about because of his reputation and the black mark he brings.

  • Erilyn the Chaste
    My aunt’s name is Erilyn the Chaste Wife to Ogren. She married about the only man that Grandpa Zedd would approve of, a brewmaster. She learned much from Grandmother Cerine in the way of cooking and it shows in the food served at the inn.

  • Obren the Jest
    My aunt’s husband’s name is Obren the Jest. He owns the Thundering Broc , inn and brewhouse within the main city of the clan. He always has a quick smile and joke for any of his patrons. His Glug-Glug is known throughout the lands of the clan as one of the best.

  • Jensen the Fair
    My cousin’s name is Jensend the Fair. She is the older sister of Drefin, and she used to be a hand maiden in the old Arle’s house. She is actually the one who was able to sneak some information to our family regarding the Arle’s plans, and was instrumental in bringing our family to power, although her part was innocent enough.

  • JALAH:

  • Balubos the Longwinded
    On our jalah team, one of the other wingmen is Balubos the Longwinded. He is the mirror twin of Graymare the Sly. He is an average sized giant with a very muscular build, who has a story for nearly every occasion known to man. Most of our team swears that he has never had a sip of grug grug, as he doesn’t stop talking long enough to drink with any of us.

  • His father (Caldus the Brute) and uncle (Margin the Strange) were two of the defensive members of my father’s jalah team, and to this day they are just like uncles to me.

  • Graymare the Sly
    On our jalah team one of the other wingmen is named Graymare the Sly. He is the mirror twin of Balubos the Longwinded. For as blunt an instrument as his brother can be Graymare is a tactician the like of which the game of Jalah has never seen before. His uncanny ability to spot opportunities allows him to act faster than nearly all of the competition. Though he listens to his point man it is not uncommon for him to uncover flaws in the defense of our opponents and by his simple exploitation give us the upper hand.

  • Johtun the Mountain
    On our jalah team one of the defensive members is named Johtun the Mountain. This full giant is probably the widest giant I have ever known. His girth if measured is nearly that of two of any other player on the field. He is not overweight, just massively stocky. He is really a solid mangled mass of intricately woven muscles, and anything that goes crashing into him instantly wishes that it hadn’t.

  • His father (Gratch the Mountain Peak), the only giant I know that is bigger than Johtun. He played jalah with my father, and was on the field the day he died, is very kindly old giant who always raises a glass to me whenever we meet, and he is someone that can be greatly confided in.

  • Timrack the Timely
    On our jalah team one of the blockers is named Timrack the Timely. He earned his name because of his ability to place a perfectly time block. Though he is not big as Johtun, what he lacks in stature, he makes up for in speed and timing. Many a victory has been sealed by a tackle thrown just before the opposing point man reached the proper scoring zone. You can always count on his ability to call out how many minutes and seconds are left in each turn.

  • His father (Ibdulen the Wise) never played jalah for the same team as my father, he was always very well respected by the entire jalah team, for he was a supplier of wide variety of jalah brocs and other jalah equipment. He helped to find and cultivate business deals and other sponsorship for the team. He often bought the first round at any bar. When he died all of the jalah team was at his funeral, for they loved him as one of their own.


  • Marahk din the Black
    He was the former Arle of the Nimbus clan. His title was Marahk Din the Black. He was the one who killed my father in the jalah match that would decide the leadership of the clan. It was a late and dirty blow that he placed upon my father using weather worn wooden spikes protruding from his armor. He would have probably been lynched by the rest of the jalah team, if not the entire clan, except that the day after the match he went missing and has never been heard from or seen again. It was speculated that my mother had something to do with it, however when you ask my uncle he only smiles and pretends not to know anything.

  • Obah Solveg the Wretched
    The son of Marahk Din, Obah Solveg the Wretched, is a giant who I hate very much. That son a bitch sends our family a piece of weather worn wood every Repentance day. He also makes un-solicited advances on my cousin’s sister (Jensen the Fair). On one occasion when he made a particularly offensive comment to her, I looked Drefin square in the eye winked and then broke that bastard’s nose, showering the both of us with a heavy smear of blood. It was three weeks before they let me out of the stocks, but it was worth it. Fortunately for me, my uncles and fellow jalah teammates took turns watching after me, just to make sure nothing happened to me when I was defenseless. As for Obah the two of us are bitter rivals, and our confrontations on the jalah field have been bloody and brutal toward one another.


  • Archon Riffkin
    Archon Riffkin is the local temples head. He performed the ceremony when Drefin took his vows. This guy kind of creeps me out. I have never spoken to him, but sometimes it seems like I can feel him stairing at me, but I can never catch him actually doing it.

  • Guardian Chase
    Guardian Chase is the man that Drefin reports to directly for duties with the Brotherhood. He is a good guy, and one of my favorite jalah teachers. He helped me to finalize my block and showed me how to cover Drefin long enough to give him time to score. Though he favors Drefin (for obvious reasons), he has never whispered in my presence or acted oddly as do other brotherhood of Origin members. To his credit, I think he knows that there are no secrets between us, so whispering is altogether a useless endeavor, because I’m going to hear about it from Drefin, anyway.

  • DarkSun the Stoutheart

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