Aarron Steelsmith

Human with a young face, medium length brown hair, clad in red robes, with golden runes in the shape of dragons on the trim.



Superb (5) Conviction
Great (
4) Discipline, Lore
Good (3) Weapons, Endurance
Fair (
2) Alertness, Athletics, Scholarship
Average (+1) Preformance, Archery, Rapport, Ridding, Presence

I Am The Great Dragons Fire
Code of Karma

Other Aspects:
Soul/Life bond to Ozorrath, Fathers bastard sword, Heir to hidden knowledge, Warrior sage, Insightful into the world

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3

Type P/M/S Stress
Mild ANY -2
Mild Mental -2
Moderate ANY -4
Severe ANY -6
Extreme ANY -8

Stunts and Powers

Cost Ability
-3 Evocation
Fire +2 Control, +1 power
-3 Thaumaturgy
Wards +1 complexity
-0 Wizards Constitution
-1 The Sight
-1 Refinement (Enchanted Item)
-1 Refinement (Evocation)

Focus Items:

Amulet of the Dragon +1 Control (Wards)
Bastard Sword +1 Control, +1 Power (offensive Fire)

Enchanted Items:
3 Rings: Str +3, 3 uses
Robes: Block 6, Armor 3, 3 Uses


Merkabah: (Master) Black Robe Human, Blind (Bandanna with Rune)
Oolena: (Fellow apprentice), Black robe Troll, Haughty, headstrong, independent, competitive with Katrine, very powerful, less controlled.
Tribe : Quilback. Revere or Worship a large Boar with porcupine quills on its back.
Serene: (Fellow apprentice), White Robe Daedelian, Sheltered, socially awkward, smart, controlled.

Ozark: Red Robe Human
Apprenticed with merkabah. (friends, but overly competitive with Merkabah, translated to apprentice compitition )

Ozzorrath: Metalic gold and red dragon,

Ozarks Apprentices:

Katrine: Black Robe Elf (Competitive) Time magick
Hazrek: White robed Orc, Bloodletter Clan (the most blood thirsty clan) Competitive, specialty in Biomancy, soft spoken, more confidant and less competitive
Crom Steeletooth : Red Robed Orc (Competitive)

Pendergast: White Robed (race unknown), Possible ilch, Scorched Back armor with Tattered white robes, travels frequently with an undead horse.

Dresden: Human Arch mage of the tower: master of the Merkabah, Ozark, Pendergast (Old Red Robe Wizard)

Other apprentices:

Vixos: Female black robed daedelian (unfriendly)
San’gin: Red robed Troll, specialty in fire (unfriendly)
Marguilis: White Robed Elf, Specialty Necromancy (unfriendly)

Aarron Steelsmith

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